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Contractors you can count on

When general contractors, developers, and commercial business owners require highly specialized drywall professional services in Southern Ontario, they always contact 3PS Contracting because they know that they can always count on us because of our dedication to Pride, Production, and Precision workmanship every time.

Our team has earned our reputation as one of the premier companies specializing in contracting and drywall services for low, mid and high rise structures.

Thank you to our clients...

We are grateful for our clients because over the years they have trusted us to work on their projects, and our team has built an extensive knowledge based upon continued innovation.

At 3PS Contracting, we are always looking towards the future and constantly embracing the very latest technology, building material, and techniques, so we can always offer our clients the very best contracting and drywall services possible.

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Health and Safety

Residential High Rise and Commercial construction job sites are an organized beehive of people and materials coming and going, which means that every team member has to be extra vigilant in order to ensure that the project is carried out safely and according to the law.

We are always looking for new skilled and qualified drywall professionals to work on our team.